premium services with the leading products and solar systems in the industry.

An opportunity to tap into clean and renewable energy while saving money.

Solar energy is the way of the future, and investing in an optimized solar energy system is going to be optimal for your long-term financial investments, also your investments into a sustainable and healthy planet. The company that you can trust for these services is here at CIT Solar. We offer premium services with the leading products and solar systems in the industry.


Your home and family is unique. Ask us any and all questions as we build you a custom savings quote.


It's hard to believe, but during your free consultation, our experts will show you how we can deliver panels and installation labor at ZERO cost.


Families routinely see a significant reduction in their electricity bills while also reducing greenhouse-causing energy. Schedule your free consultation to see how much you could save.

About Us

Our company has been growing and expanding along with the solar energy demands in the region. Our company is continually turned to as the solar energy experts due to our commitment to excellence and commitment to serving the community with unbeatable products and services.

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Our Services

The solar services our company offers will cover all of your needs, including financial assessment, property quotes, and energy storage systems that are built to last and support your property throughout all of its energy needs.

man on the roof installing solar panels

Residential Solar

A residential property needs to be treated with the utmost respect, and the quality of the work also needs to be impeccable. After all, your home or residential property is an important place and also a valuable investment. You want to be able to maximize your investment in this property. To ensure that you work with the best solar companies in San Diego for all of your residential needs for solar panels in San Diego, you are going to want a solar company in San Diego that is reliable and reputable. This means that you are going to need to get in contact with our company. We have been the leading service provider for Dan Diego solar panels for a number of years. We always treat each property as if it were our own home, and the results are going to be great for the environment in addition to being great for you.

man in the middle of solar panels

Commercial Solar

Commercial facilities may require alternate energy sources. The San Diego solar installers that you should get in contact with to ensure that your commercial facility is property equipped are here with our experts. We offer American solar direct in san Diego, and we also review your circumstances and pinpoint if san Diego solar panels are the right options for you. We can be a solar city in San Diego with the right eye to attention, and our team is the one that people can count on for accurate and reliable San Diego solar services. If you are a company that is committed to high-quality services and incredible customer service, you are also going to want to work with a San Diego solar company that has the same values; we are the team that you can trust with these services.

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No Cost Solar

Solar installations in San Diego can be expensive, especially if you are working with one of the newer solar companies in San Diego. In order to mitigate the cost of solar in San Diego, you are going to need to look through the best options from San Diego solar companies. When it comes to affordable solar power in San Diego, our team is the one that you can trust. We have financial professionals who can minimize the standard San Diego solar installation cost for you. There are not any other solar installers in San Diego that are able to develop a financial plan and a tax system that could result in no cost solar investment for you. We know solar finances and solar tech in San Diego better than any other company due to our many years of experience and also due to our commitment to expertise.

house's roof with solar panels

Solar Purchase

Questions such as, โ€œIs solar worth it in San Diego?โ€, or, โ€œAre there any rebates in San Diego for solar?โ€, can all be answered by our team of professionals. We have been researching solar tech in San Diego for a number of years, so we know exactly which products are the ones that we can count on. Also, we have been the leaders for solar panel installation in San Diego for a while. We know the ins and outs of this industry, and we are going to be able to provide you with San Diego solar panels that are going to be a fair and reasonable purchase. Ven if you want Vivint solar in San Diego, or Triton solar in Dan Diego, our team has you covered!

four men working on installing solar panels

Solar Lease

Solar finances in San Diego can be difficult to maneuver. When you need to explore options for solar loans in San Diego, you need to work with experts in solar loans in San Diego. Our company is made up of a team with the leading solar installers in San Diego. We are also one of the only solar companies in San Diego that offer unique solar leases for the project that you need to have completed. Solar panels in San Diego can cost a lot of money depending on your circumstances, but our company is going to make it much more affordable and attainable for you thanks to the solar leases that we have available.

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Solar Storage

A solar pool heater in San Diego is a service that can make a big difference in the expenses that you have in relation to your property. To ensure that you have optimal solar pool heating in San Diego, you can hire our team to optimize the solar storage at your property. We are also the company that works with leading solar batteries in San Diego, meaning that we can provide you with high-quality outcomes that are going to be able to last.

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โ€œI hired CIT Solar to install my residential solar panels and solar energy storage system, and they did a great job! My home is eco-friendly, and I also receive residential tax breaks that are helpful for my finances.โ€
Linda G.
"The only company I trust for solar services is over at CIT Solar. They are friendly and they always get the job done on time.โ€
Frank T.
โ€œWhen you need trustworthy solar professionals working for you, I suggest you call CIT Solar for reliable and affordable professional solar services.โ€
Ian T.

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